I am president of Digiverse Consulting, Ltd. I have decades of expertise in:

  • Collections management and organization
  • Collection description
  • Digital technologies
  • Rare materials digitization
  • Production and business workflows
  • Creative solutions for small archives and repositories
You can contact me at bradley.daigleATgmailDOTcom

Read a recent interview of me at the Library of Congress
Having been a collector for over 25 years, I have come to understand both the mentality and the drive to collect. Of course, it is one thing to collect materials but entirely another to organize and manage them to make them useful tools. I have extensive expertise in books (contemporary and rare), vinyl, and comic book collections.

I have created databases and methodologies for managing most of this material and have recently begun learning basic book repair and conservation techniques to assist in evaluating and preserving materials.

For my CV and detailed professional experience visit my LinkedIn profile
Where Old Meets New

For the last twelve years I have been working in the library world at the nexus where old meets new. I have overseen and developed units that adapt modern technology and digital strategies to rare materials of all kinds. Whether it be books, manuscripts, artifacts, glass plate slides, photographs, or ancient maps.

I have worked with more formats than I knew existed. Each one brings its own challenges to the digital environment--organizing and delivering content to users who expect a high degree of functionality. Much of this can be achieved through proper planning, description, and production. Learning to be a proper steward of both physical and digital collections is an iterative process, but one which is critical to maintain our historical record.


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